Were you caught shoplifting at a Palm Beach County mall? Shoplifting arrests or notices to appear can be issued by police officers at Town Center Mall, Boynton Beach Mall, The Gardens, Palm Beach Outlets or any of the other malls in Palm Beach County.  These retail thefts are aggressively prosecuted by Palm Beach County State Attorneys, because these are offenses punishable by up to one year in the Palm Beach County jail.  Shoplifting offenses at malls are very common offenses throughout Florida and the United States. It is important to take these charges seriously, because failure to do so can have an impact on your school, job and future.  Florida law actually allows the judge to suspend your license for a theft crime. 

Penalty for shoplifting at a mall

Mall shoplifting offenses are generally second degree misdemeanors or first degree misdemeanors. These offenses are punishable by jail time or probation. 

What can a Palm Beach County shoplifting attorney do for me? 

We will aggressively negotiate with the Palm Beach County prosecutor to try to get your shoplifting charge dismissed. We have been highly successful in getting theft cases dismissed for first-time offenders in Palm Beach County.    

We represent people who have been accused of shoplifting at malls who live in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Boynton Beach and surrounding areas.