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When a Boca Raton personal injury occurs, it's crucial to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. Our team of high-quality lawyers will guide you through the civil litigation process and make life as easy as possible for you while taking care of all legal requirements needed in order to recover legal damages that are rightfully yours!

How long do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit in Boca Raton?

If you have been injured in an accident, the clock is ticking. There are different time limitations for cases depending on where they take place--on most lawsuits against corporations or people whose actions cause injury (wrongful death), there's a four-year deadline from when the injury occurred. This means that in most negligence lawsuits, such as car accidents, you have four years of the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. 

This does not mean that you should wait to file a lawsuit. Waiting causes evidence to get lost or witnesses to go missing. Don't wait to take action on your case. 

What kind of money can I recover in my personal injury case? 

If you've suffered a personal injury in Florida, the law states that you can recover money for your current and future medical bills as well as lost wages. These types of economic damages are called "economic awards." However, there's also an award meant to compensate the injured for pain & suffering. These non-monetary losses include the loss of ability to perform tasks or activities that one used to do before the accident. For example, maybe you can no longer pick up your children or your grandchildren, or maybe you can't play golf or tennis from your accident. These types of pain and suffering awards are recognized in Florida to compensate the injured.

What if my child suffered a personal injury in Boca Raton? 

Injuries are not just for adults. Your child can also be injured in an accident and have the same rights as you, so it's important to protect them! We will advocate for your child by negotiating with the insurance company and if necessarily, fighting the case in court. Was your child injured at school? Were they in a car crash? There is compensation available when innocent children become victims; our personal injury lawyers can help you and your family to recover compensation that your child deserves. 

boca raton personal injury lawyer

How long will it take to receive money from the insurance company? 

It is important to know how long your personal injury lawsuit will take because this can affect you financially. If the insurance company agrees that their insured was at fault in an accident, then they may settle sooner rather than later.  However, if there is a liability dispute, the case may take a longer to settle. 

What steps should I take after being injured in Boca Raton?

When you're hurt in an accident, it can be hard to know what your next steps should be. You might think about getting medical attention for yourself but not sure who will take care of that if need arises or how much it'll cost - especially since many people don't carry insurance anymore!

Our Boca Raton personal injury lawyers are here to help guide you through every step along the way. We'll find out which insurance company insures the at-fault party.  We will obtain the insurance policy and find out how much insurance coverage is available to compensate you for your injuries.  

We can help you to get the medical care that you need by referring you to Boca Raton doctors who treat personal injury victims. 

We will keep you updated on your case, and our lawyers and staff are available to speak to you until the resolution of your case. 

What types of injuries are suffered due to accidents?

Boca Raton injury victims may experience injuries that are minor, such as sprains and strains or headaches to more severe injuries like broken bones or paralysis.  Injuries from Boca accidents may cost residents thousands of dollars in medical bills to heal from any of the following: 

  • Broken Bones
  • Bulging Discs
  • Herniated Discs
  • Torn ligaments
  • Muscle tears
  • Paralysis
  • Death

Who pays for my medical bills?

If you have been injured in a car accident, then the first ten thousand dollars of medical bills are paid by your own insurance carrier.  However, if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, or other personal injury, then your health insurance carrier should pay for the bills. If you do not have health insurance, or if you are unable to pay your deductible, then we can refer you to medical doctors who will treat your injuries at no initial cost to you. 

boca raton personal injury attorney

Will a doctor treat me if I don't have health insurance? 

We can refer you to medical doctors who will get paid at the end of your case.  This involves you signing a document called a letter of protection.  Additionally, if you cannot afford your health insurance deductible, we can still refer you to doctors who will provide you with medical treatment. You shouldn't have to come out of pocket for someone else's negligence that caused your injuries. 

Should I go to the emergency room after an accident? 

Yes, if you have suffered an injury then you should immediately get checked out by a medical professional. This is to make sure that all of your injuries are well-documented for your personal injury case, in addition to helping you to receive the treatment that you need. It is important for your case to be handled correctly from the very beginning. This involves receiving the right medical treatment for your case. 

How much does a Boca Raton personal injury lawyer cost? 

We offer a no obligation, complimentary consultation. Additionally, there are no upfront fees or costs to you. We only get paid if we recover money for you from the at-fault party or insurance company. 

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