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Pompano Beach is a city in Broward County and is located directly north of Fort Lauderdale. Its name comes from the Pompano fish.  As of 2020, there are approximately 110,000 people living in Pompano Beach.  With this population, there are a large number of car accidents that occur in Pompano Beach. 

Our car accident lawyers are experienced in handling cases involving car accident victims.  We begin by obtaining the police report and putting the at-fault insurance company on notice that we are representing you. 

We offer a free consultation and there are never any upfront fees paid by you to us.  We work on contingency.  This means we only get paid if we recover money for you. 

INJURED IN A POMPANO BEACH CAR ACCIDENT? - 561-588-2781 Free Consultation.

Where do accidents occur in Pompano Beach? 

A car accident can occur anywhere and at any time. However, here are some of the roads with the most traffic.

  • Copans Road
  • Atlantic Blvd. 
  • Federal Highway
  • Dixie Highway
  • I-95
  • Military Trail

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident in Pompano Beach? 

Yes, if you have been injured in a car accident then you do need an experienced attorney.  A car accident case can be complicated. We can help you with your case by performing the following: 

  1. Obtaining the crash report.  We advance the fee to purchase the report for you.
  2. Notifying the at-fault driver's insurance company of the accident. 
  3. Referring you to doctors who specialize in treating people in accidents.
  4. Obtaining money for you from the other driver's insurance company. 

Insurance companies don't like to pay money if they do not have to pay money.  A person who represents himself or herself in a car accident is doing themselves a disservice, because the insurance company knows they will not file a lawsuit.  Insurance adjusters pay money, because attorneys force insurance companies to pay money! Without car accident lawyers, insurance companies would never pay a dime. 

INJURED IN A POMPANO BEACH CAR ACCIDENT? - 561-588-2781 Free Consultation.

How long will my case take to settle? 

The length of your case will depend on several factors, including:

  1. How badly you were injured:  A case with someone who is badly hurt, but with a small insurance policy can settle within 24 hours.  Conversely, a case with someone who is badly hurt with a larger insurance policy may take longer to settle.  
  2. If the insurance company is contesting liability:   An insurance company that acknowledges their driver was at fault makes it easier for the attorney to settle a case. Generally speaking, cases involving rear-end collisions in Pompano Beach cause the insurance company to automatically accept liability. Additionally, if the officer cites the driver, then the insurance company will usually accept liability. 
  3. The length of your medical treatment:  You may need a lot of medical treatment depending on your injuries.  If you weren't badly injured, you may not need very much treatment. These timeframes can influence how quickly your case will settle or if it will need to be litigated by us filing a lawsuit on your behalf. 
  4. The insurance company's initial offer:  Insurance companies make money by saving money. They don't like to pay out money if they don't have to pay it.  We will force the insurance company to pay you more money if they are making you a lowball offer. This may take time, but it will be worth it because you should get every dollar that you are legally entitled to receive under Florida law.

INJURED IN A POMPANO BEACH CAR ACCIDENT? - 561-588-2781 Free Consultation.

pompano beach car accident attorney

What are the common reasons for car accidents in Pompano Beach?

Pompano Beach and the rest of South Florida have poor drivers.  Copans Road, I-95, Atlantic Blvd. have drivers who routinely violate traffic laws by: 

  • Texting and Driving:  A distracted driver who simultaneously Driving while texting may as well be driving drunk; the effect on the driver's driving is tantamount to driving drunk. 
  • Impaired Driving through Drugs or Alcohol:  Drunk driving causes thousands of car accidents and injuries to drivers and passengers every year. 
  • Failing to yield the right of way:  This can be done by a driver not yielding to a yield sign or making a left turn in front of oncoming traffic.
  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions 
pompano beach auto accident lawyer

I need my car towed, who should I call? 

You may need to have your car towed to a body shop in Pompano if you are currently at the scene of the accident.  Here is list of tow truck companies in Pompano. 

  • Pompano Beach Towing
  • Emerald Towing
  • 24 Hour Pompano Towing Service
  • Accurate Towing

You can have your car towed to a repair shop of your choosing. Don't be intimidated by the insurance company pressuring you to use one of their auto repair shops. You can choose to have your vehicle fixed anywhere. The question is, who is going to pay for the tow and to have your vehicle fixed? The other driver's property damage insurance must pay to have your vehicle fixed. 

How much money can I expect to receive for my auto accident case? 

The value of a car accident case depends on several factors, including:

  1. Property Damage:  A vehicle with a total loss due to severe property damage will increase the value of a bodily injury settlement.  This is because you are more likely to be injured than someone who is injured in a vehicle that sustained a fender bender. 
  2. Medical Expenses:   Typically, the more medical bills that you have the more your case will be worth.  A case with a person who has $500,000 in medical bills and a $1,000,000 insurance policy is going to be worth more money than a case with someone who has $10,000 in medical bills and a $20,000 insurance policy. 
  3. Injuries:  Generally, severe injuries such as broken bones, paralysis or serious soft tissue injuries that require surgery cause the insurance companies to pay more money than a case with a person who has only sprains and strains. 

There are other factors that drive car accident case value. We can tell you what we think your case will be worth after speaking to you.  

INJURED IN A POMPANO BEACH CAR ACCIDENT? - 561-588-2781 Free Consultation.

I am not happy with my current accident lawyer, can I switch? 

As the client, you can use any attorney you want. It is your decision.  If you are not happy with your attorney, you can switch attorneys.  The attorney will likely place a charging lien on the case for their time they have spent working on your case.  The money that they're owed will come from either your portion of the settlement or the new attorney's fee.  It is frustrating for you if your attorney is not calling you back to answer your questions.  Many larger firms use paralegals or legal assistants to communicate with clients, and the client rarely hears from the lawyer.  Rest assured this does not happen at our firm. 

Is there anything that I can do if the person who hit me does not have insurance? 

The short answer is yes. Although sometimes impractical, you do always have can file a lawsuit and get a money judgment against an uninsured person.  However, if the person does not have any money or assets then filing a lawsuit may be cost prohibitive.  You may have purchased uninsured motorist coverage with your own insurance company and not even know it.  Uninsured motorist coverage pays money to you if the person who hit you does not have insurance.  We can tell you whether or not you have uninsured motorist coverage, because we will call your insurance company for you. 


Pompano Beach Police Department

North Broward Hospital

Holy Cross Hospital

Carespot Urgent Care Pompano


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