• $120,000 - Car Accident

    Settlement for client requiring knee surgery as a result of a car accident.  Read On

  • $135,000 - Car Accident

    This car accident case settled with Travelers insurance after a client required back surgery after being in an accident.  Read On

  • $100,000 - Car Accident

    We obtained the maximum amount for our client who required shoulder surgery due to being hit while crossing a street in Lake Worth. Read On

  • $115,000 - Car Accident

    We were able to obtain the policy limits for a client who was injured by a drunk driver.  Read On

  • $250,000 - Car Accident

    Our client was rear-ended on Atlantic Ave. She was seriously injured and required back surgery. We were able to obtain the most amount of money possible through the insurance policies.  Read On

  • $100,000 - Car Accident

    We were able to get the insurance company to give all of the insurance money available to our client who needed shoulder surgery. We also recovered an additional $37,000 for her family members who were also injured.  Read On

  • $125,000 - Car Accident

    Our client was rear-ended by a taxi driver. We were able to obtain the maximum amount of money possible through the taxi driver's insurance policy.  Read On

  • $70,000 Settlement for Commercial Property

    We were able to obtain a $70,000 settlement from the client's insurance company due to damage from Hurricane Irma.  Read On

  • DUI - Six Prior DUIs

    Case: Dan's client had over six DUI convictions and was facing prison time on a new dui charge. The new DUI could have been charged as a third-degree felony.  A person charged with a third-degree felony can go to prison for up to five years.  Fortunately for Dan's client, Dan was able to negotiat... Read On

  • Display Fake ID Charge Dismissed

    A client of ours was charged with displaying and being in possession of fake ID.  Our client was admitted to a diversion program and the charge was dismissed. She is now eligible to have the charge expunged from her record.  Read On

  • Hit and Run - Leaving the Scene of An Accident

    HIT AND RUN LEAVING THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT Case: Dan represented a young woman who fled the scene after hitting a parked car in a parking lot.  The charge was for hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident. Afterwards, she was nervous and did not know what to do.  Fortunately, she hired us ... Read On

  • Possession of Marijuana Dismissed

    POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA Case: Dan's client was charged with possession of marijuana. Dan filed a Motion to Dismiss based on Florida's constructive possession laws.  Dan contended that the facts as alleged by the State did not amount to a crime.  The State agreed and dismissed the charge. Read On

  • Disorderly Intoxication - Drunk In Public

    Case: Dan's client was arrested for public intoxication at a local Delray bar after being drunk and disorderly with a bartender.  The client had prior misdemeanor convictions.  Despite these convictions, Dan was able to negotiate a deal with the state attorney's office that resulted in no jail ti... Read On

  • Doctor Shopping Facing 5 years in prison received probation

    FRAUD – CONCEALING INFORMATION TO OBTAIN PRESCRIPTIONS (DOCTOR SHOPPING) Case: Dan's client was charged with multiple counts of doctor shopping.  The state alleged the defendant went to numerous doctors to obtain higher quantities of prescription drugs.  Each count is a third degree felony.  Dan... Read On

  • Probation Violation Dismissed After VOP Hearing

    PROBATION VIOLATION Case: Dan's client was alleged to have violated his probation for not paying his monetary obligations.  At the violation of probation hearing, Dan didn't even have to cross-examine the probation officer, because the State did not prove the client had the ability to pay.  The ... Read On

  • Shoplifting Dismissed

    Case: Dan's client was arrested for shoplifting clothing at a local department store.  Dan was able to get the client into a pre-trial diversion program.  After completion of an anti-theft class, the case was dismissed and eventually the charge was expunged from her record. Read On

  • Probation Violation Received All of His Credit

    PROBATION VIOLATION Case: Dan's client was placed on probation for lewd and lascivious conduct.  The client transferred his probation to a different state.  While on probation, the Defendant was arrested and convicted of home invasion robbery. After serving his sentence, the client was extradite... Read On

  • Failure to Register as a Sexual Offender Scored to Prison and Received Probation

    FAILURE TO REGISTER AS A SEXUAL OFFENDER Case: Dan's client was charged with Failure to Register as a Sexual Offender.  This charge scores a client to prison. Dan negotiated with the prosecutor to get his client a probation sentence. Read On

  • Domestic Violence Dismissed After Jury Trial

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BATTERY Case: Dan's client was on federal probation for an unrelated offense.  The domestic violence charge served as the reason for the violation.  At a jury trial, Dan successfully argued for a mistrial due to the alleged victim's testimony.  The testimony heard by the jury w... Read On