Most Dangerous Roads in South Florida

Posted by Daniel BottariOct 11, 20210 Comments

Most Dangerous Roads in South Florida Everyone loves to visit or live in South Florida. Unfortunately, one of the prices we pay is having one of the highest car accident rates in Florida. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle reports that in 2019, the motor vehicle accident ... #caraccident #caraccidentlawyer #southflorida #autoaccident #injury #delraybeach

Florida Turnpike Rollover Crash in Boynton Beach

Posted by Daniel BottariOct 02, 20210 Comments

According to news sources, on October 1, 2021, a rollover crash occurred in Boynton Beach on the Turnpike just north of Boynton Beach Boulevard. The vehicle involved in the crash was a large truck. It is unclear if alcohol or drugs was involved in the crash or if anyone was injured.  According t...

First Time DUI Diversion in Palm Beach County

Posted by Daniel BottariSep 09, 20210 Comments

The Palm Beach County State Attorney's office has a DUI diversion program for first time offenders. This program is discretionary and not all DUI offenders will qualify for the program. The program is designed to give first time DUI offenders a break by reducing the DUI to reckless driving. The ...

Florida PIP Suit Attorney for Medical Providers

Posted by Daniel BottariSep 05, 20210 Comments

Are you a medical provider that treats patients injured in car accidents? If so, many of your bills are getting denied or reduced by insurance carriers. At Bottari & Doyle, our attorneys work hard to get you paid. There is no upfront cost to you. We file PIP suits on behalf of medical providers ...

Palm Beach County Body Shops

Posted by Daniel BottariAug 31, 20210 Comments

Are you looking for a body shop or auto repair repair shop in Palm Beach County to service your vehicle after a car accident? I am a local car accident attorney and this blog is intended to provide you with a list of repairs shops in the Delray Beach area.  Hopefully, this guide will make it easier fo...

Rental Car Companies Palm Beach County

Posted by Daniel BottariAug 25, 20210 Comments

This article will provide you with guidance on how to set up insurance claims for property damage to your vehicle. It also provides you with maps and addresses to local Delray Beach rental car locations, Lake Worth rental car locations and West Palm beach car locations to set up rental reservations while your vehicle is being fixed.

Direct vs. Circumstantial Evidence in Florida

Posted by Daniel BottariJan 28, 20210 Comments

At the heart of every criminal case lies the evidence. Whether the defendant has been caught red-handed committing a crime, or there is less credible proof that a crime occurred at all, the prosecution, defense, and jury will all focus their attention on the strength of the evidence at hand. No ...

Failed interlock test Palm Beach County

Posted by Daniel BottariDec 23, 20200 Comments

Some people may have never heard of the ignition interlock device in Florida. An ignition interlock device is commonly referred to as an IID, or sometimes more casually as the “Blow and Go.” The ignition interlock device is a breath testing device, sort of like a breathalyzer, that's installed i...

Should I get a lawyer for my first DUI?

Posted by Daniel BottariDec 17, 20200 Comments

If you've never been arrested for a DUI before, you're probably wondering whether or not you need to hire a DUI attorney. Oftentimes we get this question when a client comes to us with no prior record. Since prosecutors will typically offer a first-offense plea deal, it can be hard to know wheth...

Arraignment in South Florida: FAQs

Posted by Daniel BottariOct 06, 20200 Comments

If you are facing a charge for a felony or misdemeanor crime, one of the first steps in the legal process will be the Arraignment. Most defendants are unsure whether or not they need a criminal defense attorney for the Arraignment. In fact, what to expect at the Arraignment is one of the most fr...

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