Woman in Delray arrested for DUI after backing into call box

Posted by Daniel BottariSep 28, 20210 Comments

A Delray Beach woman was arrested this week for DUI after she allegedly reversed into a callbox at The Oasis community. She then allegedly proceed to drive into the neighborhood. The arresting officer's police report indicated the officer could "smell an unknown fruity beverage emanating from her person."  The officer indicated in his report that the woman had, "bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech and that she was unsteady on her feet."  The woman was arrested and taken to the Palm Beach County jail.  The breath test affidavit showed readings of .110 and .112, which is over the .08 legal limit. 

DUIs in Delray Beach can be fought given the right circumstances. As a DUI Lawyer, I do not condone drunk driving. However, I vehemently believe in the rights afforded to us under the United States Constitution and the importance of making the government prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Everyone is entitled to a proper defense. If you have been charged with DUI, contact my office at 561-588-2781 for a free consultation.