Tesla Autopilot Accidents

Posted by Daniel BottariSep 10, 20210 Comments

Tesla Autopilot Accidents — the 411

Although it can be dangerous to drive, when you purchase a luxury car, such as a Tesla, you don't expect it to have serious complications that could result in fatalities or serious injuries. You shouldn't have to worry about your autopilot failing while you're en route to the Clematis Street Historic Commercial District, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Mounts Botanical Garden, or any other gems in the Palm Beach area.

What Types of Accidents are Occurring?

The Palm Beach Times recently noted that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating Tesla autopilot accidents. The NHTSA opened the investigation into eleven accidents that took place between January 2018 and July 2021. All of the accidents involved police cars, ambulances, or other emergency vehicles responding to other accidents. Most of the accidents occurred in the evening, and all of the accident scenes were lit and clearly identified. The accidents in the investigation took place across nine different states.

According to CNN's reporting, “seven of these accidents resulted in 17 injuries and one death.” Beyond the accidents under investigation, an accident in 2016 resulted in a fatality when Joshua Brown's car did not stop as a tractor-trailer turned in front of it. The car was driving along a Florida road with the autopilot activated.

At the end of August, another accident took place in Florida and was subsequently added to the investigation. CNBC stated that there's a deadline of “October 22, 2021, by which the company must provide extensive Autopilot-related and vehicle data to the federal auto safety agency.”

One of the main reasons these accidents occur is that drivers assume that the autopilot can do more than it actually can do. As a result, drivers drop their guard and may pay less attention than they should.

What are Your Options?

You have several options if you have been involved in a car accident that involves autopilot. For instance, a California family that lost their 15-year-old has sued Tesla. The boy died when a Tesla hit their pickup truck; the family claims that the Autopilot system bears some responsibility.

First things first, when you are in an accident, it's important to seek treatment for any injuries. So be certain to seek out medical treatment and follow any directions the doctor gives you.

Florida is a no-fault state, so PIP (personal injury protection) will be the first step. However, you may be due compensation, so it is wise to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer, whether it was your car's autopilot or another car's autopilot. Call Bottari and Doyle, P.A. today at (561) 588-2781 or contact us online for a free consultation.