Bottari & Doyle Introduces Rescue Racing Greyhound, Cleo, as Office Mascot

Posted by Daniel BottariOct 14, 20200 Comments

Delray Beach law firm, Bottari & Doyle, officially designates Cleo the Rescue Racing Greyhound as its office mascot. After racing at the Palm Beach Kennel Club in West Palm Beach, Florida for 2 years, Cleo was adopted by Daniel Bottari, the law firm's owner.

Cleo raced about 60 races and was eager to start her new life as a couch potato at home. Greyhounds, although able to reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, are remarkably lazy and prefer to sleep rather than run. Cleo's quiet demeanor and friendly disposition made Daniel realize that Cleo would be a great addition to the office.

Attorney Daniel Bottari said in a statement: “Legal work can be incredibly stressful, because lawyers and office staff often work with clients who are in difficult situations. Add COVID-19, and the stress is amplified. Dogs help to alleviate this stress by providing a sense of comfort. Dogs seem to have a way of taking the stress away from us and knowing our moods. Since bringing her to the office, I have seen an increase in work productivity and a better attitude all around. Oh yeah, and the clients love her.”

Bottari, a Delray Beach-based personal injury lawyer and criminal defense attorney, brings Cleo to the office just about every day and encourages fellow attorneys and professionals to bring their dogs to work. The law firm has also launched a video of a greyhound running down a Florida beach with the title, “Striving to Win Quickly and Deliver the Compensation our Clients Deserve,” on its homepage.