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A top-rated Dania Beach car accident attorney will fight for the compensation you are entitled to and protect your rights. We have successfully represented injured clients throughout Broward County who have been involved in car accidents. Each car accident injury case we handle is handled with the goal of getting our clients the maximum compensation they deserve in the form of medical bills, lost income, rehabilitation, and other damages. 

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"Dan made sure to reach out to us to discuss our case very promptly. It was thanksgiving day and he made sure to make time to talk with us and explain our options thoroughly. He was the only person to respond back after sending out information to several other attorneys. We will definitely use Dan and his firm for any future needs. Thank you so much for your timely response and help."

How can you help me if I have been in a car accident? 

If you've been involved in a car accident in Dania Beach, we're here to help you with several questions:

  • What are my medical bills going to cost?
  • What are my legal options?
  • What are my PIP benefits?
  • Does the insurance adjuster need to speak with me?
  • Is there an underinsured or uninsured driver involved?
  • What is the State Farm insurance claim process?
  • What should I do if my car's value is diminished due to damage?

Our consultations are free and you pay us nothing unless we recover money for you.  561-588-2781

Suffering from a car accident injury in Dania Beach, Florida?

You don't need to be told how devastating a car accident can be if you or someone you love has been involved. Apart from the pain and trauma of the injury itself, you may face extensive medical bills, long recovery times, lost wages, and more. Dania Beach has a reputation for heavy traffic, particularly along accident-prone hotspots like Federal Highway near the Casino at Dania Beach. 

You may be eligible for compensation after being injured in a car accident because of someone else's negligence. This can cover medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, among others. Our Dania Beach car accident attorneys have extensive experience handling all kinds of auto accident claims. During our free case evaluation, our experienced car accident attorneys will explain all of your rights so that you know how to move forward with your case. Insurance companies can be skillfully negotiated with and aggressively litigated when they refuse to cooperate. Please contact our offices to learn more about how we can help you receive the full settlement you deserve.

I was involved in an accident. How soon will you get me money for my injuries? 

We can get money to you for auto accident injuries in a reasonable amount of time based on the extent of your injuries, whether the insurance company contests the liability and the amount of the insurance policy. In as little as 48 hours, we have recovered money for clients.  If you would like to speak with one of our car accident lawyers about your case, please call 561-588-2781 for a free consultation. 

What are the most common injuries in Dania Beach vehicle accidents?

Automobile accidents can result in a wide range of serious injuries. There are more severe injuries associated with motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents because the victims are less protected from impact-but large truck accidents can also lead to significant injuries. Often in these accidents, arms or legs are fractured, ribs are broken, collarbones broken, traumatic brain injuries are sustained, along with lacerations and burns. Sometimes spinal cord injury is as severe as paralysis. In the event of a serious injury, there is a higher likelihood of high medical bills for surgery, treatment, and recovery. Permanent damage may occur in some cases.

Are there any damages I can recover from a Dania Beach accident?

By filing a personal injury claim, you are entitled to recover damages (money) when you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another driver. Such damages include:

  • Cost of medical care, including all past and future treatments.
  • Therapy costs incurred to restore function and mobility in the past and in the future.
  • Loss of income - compensation for your inability to work during your injury (including future income if the injury is permanent and limits your employment options).
  • You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, which is the physical pain and emotional trauma caused by your accident.
  • Compensating for the negative impact an accident may have on your relationship with your spouse or partner.

Even though you are legally entitled to claim these damages, you will still have to prove that the other party caused these losses-and that's easier said than done, especially when insurance companies refuse to pay. We have experienced personal injury attorneys who know how to get you the compensation you deserve.

Experienced Car Accident Attorneys Serving Dania Beach, Florida

Injuries caused by accidents are traumatic enough. While medical bills are piling up and you're struggling to make ends meet, you have no time to wrestle with a resistant insurance company on your own or have your claims denied. When you are injured due to the fault of another party, the other party is responsible for paying the damages to help you recover.

Our team of experienced auto accident attorneys at Bottari & Doyle, P.A. is well aware of the strategies used by these companies to minimize their settlements. Furthermore, we know how the Broward court system works and how to get things done within it. The most important thing to us is the satisfaction of our clients. Individuals and cases are different, so we provide personalized care based on your specific injuries. As you focus on getting well, we handle the legal aspects to ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve for your injuries. There is no fee unless you receive compensation. We offer a free initial consultation at 561-588-2781.

How does insurance coverage work?

We can help you here! Our team will check to see if the driver who hit you is insured. Depending on the driver's insurance coverage, he or she may have $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 or even a million dollars. A claim will be filed with the driver's insurer to try to collect all insurance coverage. Was a driver exchange form or a police report provided to you by the police officer? The form will provide us with information about the driver's insurance company.  Was there no form provided by the police officer? We will contact the police department to obtain the report for you.  

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What else will your law firm do for my Dania Beach car accident?

When you hire our law firm, we will work tirelessly on your behalf by:

  • Helping you to get your vehicle fixed. 
  • Speaking to the insurance company for you. 
  • Recovering your lost work wages. 
  • Getting your medical bills paid. 
  • Getting you money from the other driver's insurance company. 

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