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Deerfield Beach is a city located in between Boca Raton and Pompano Beach. It has a great beach scene and night life on Hillsboro and A1A. There are always plenty of people drinking on the beach near Flanigans, The Cove and Kahuna Bar. With so much drinking activity in the area, Deerfield Beach DUIs are very common.  DUI is a crime that can happen to anyone. Our law firm helps people who have been arrested for DUI in Deerfield Beach. 

Why Hire Bottari & Doyle Attorneys at Law? 

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We have over 45 Five-Star Google Reviews.  This is what a former client said about us regarding his DUI case. 

"Frantically on a Saturday afternoon, I knew I needed a lawyer and sooner than later. After speaking with 3-4 which I was surprised picked up my call on Saturday, they walked me through how they would help and answered my desperate questions. Understandably I got myself into this situation and now I needed help to get out.

It was helpful to gain understanding but in what I hoped they would be able to more at less simplify and put me at ease and that I never felt. Thankfully Daniel Bottari answered my next call.

The whole process from start to finish with Bottari and Doyle was seamless and they (Dan in particular) went above and beyond.

I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to seek out there services. They were willing to help me any day and time that I needed them. I was able to learn that this process does not need to be anymore difficult or painful if you have the right help."

Thank you all a hundred times over!

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Where do DUIs occur in Deerfield Beach?

A DUI can occur on any of the roads in Deerfield Beach and even on someone's private property. The major roads in Deerfield Beach are Hillsboro Blvd., Federal Highway, Southwest 10th Street and A1A. 

What happens to my license now that I have been arrested?

If this is your first DUI, you only have ten days from the day of your arrest to request a hardship license. A hardship license can be obtained through the Bureau of Administrative Review located in Lauderdale Lakes.  Failure to act within ten days of the arrest will cause you to have to wait thirty days and up to ninety days if you refused the breath test to get a hardship license.

How does your law firm attack DUI cases? 

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Will I have to go to court for a Deerfield DUI?

Yes, you do need to go to court. A DUI is much more serious than a ticket for speeding. It is a criminal offense punishable by up to six months in jail for a first offense.  Our DUI lawyers can go to most of your court appearances for you, so that you do not have to miss time from work or school to attend court.

Where are the courthouses located for a Deerfield Beach DUI?

There are several courthouses in Broward County.  The North Branch courthouse is located on Hillsboro Blvd. in Deerfield Beach. The main branch is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale near Broward Blvd.

Can I go to jail for DUI?

The maximum amount of jail time for a first time DUI is 180 days in county jail.  However, most first-time DUI offenders who hire an attorney will not go to jail.  There are many legal defenses used by DUI attorneys to get the charge dismissed, or to reduce to the DUI to something less severe, like reckless driving.

How else can your law firm help me with my Deerfield DUI? 

  • We can obtain a hardship license for you so that you can drive to and from work if this is your first DUI. 
  • We will go to court for you so that you don't have to miss work or school or be away from your family. 
  • We will attack the DUI by scrutinizing the prosecutor's evidence against you and looking for holes in their case. 
  • We will work diligently with the ultimate goal of trying to get your DUI dismissed for you. 

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