Embrace Pet Insurance Denial

Embrace Pet Insurance has its headquarters in Ohio.  Their policy underwriter is American Modern Insurance Group.  Their website states they they offer personalized accident and illness policies, a flexible wellness plan, compassionate customer care and timely claims processing. 

Their website states they, "cover pretty much everything except pre-existing conditions". They offer coverage for dental illnesses, coverage for specific breed conditions, cancer treatments, chronic conditions, orthopedic conditions and preventable conditions. 

We have helped people who have been denied by Embrace Pet Insurance. We have seen denials for pre-existing conditions and have been successful in recovering money for clients who have paid out of pocket to their veterinarians. 

A pre-existing condition denial is a common denial seen throughout pet insurance policies.  Insurance companies may claim that a dog or cat was experiencing a symptom, such as vomiting prior to policy inception, and therefore attribute that symptom to a larger health condition such as cancer. The insurance carrier's position may be that the cancer was pre-existing because the dog or cat was vomiting. This is a stretch, because vomiting simply means that the dog or cat wasn't feeling well, not that it had cancer. 

Policy holders often pay out of pocket to their veterinarians. They then submit the claims to be reviewed for reimbursement by Embrace. The claims are assigned to an adjuster who reviews the file and makes a coverage determination. The policyholder's claim can be paid in full, denied in full or denied in part. Some legitimate reasons for a claim denial would be if the vet bill was being applied to the policyholder's deductible, or the policyholder didn't purchase a specific type of coverage to pay for treatment.  However, any denial should be thoroughly scrutinized by our lawyers. Insurance companies make money by keeping your premiums and denying claims. We can provide you with our opinion on if your claim was wrongfully denied, and then take the necessary steps to hold the insurance company accountable. 

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