Many times, we have car accident injury clients who want to be able to obtain the traffic footage from their auto accident. Traffic monitors in Palm Beach County are at many intersections.  These cameras are located throughout Palm Beach County and monitor the flow of traffic.  There are over a one hundred traffic monitoring cameras throughout Palm Beach County. 

boca raton traffic cam

This traffic camera shown above is near one of the most dangerous intersections in Boca Raton, near the Whole Foods and Boca Raton High School.  

Do Traffic Cameras Record Traffic in Palm Beach County? 

According to, traffic sensor camera's primary purpose is to, "measure traffic flow, and determine traffic light timing. These cameras are not tied to any enforcement system, and generally the video is not archived or used for incident reconstruction." 

This page shows a live feed of all of the traffic monitoring cameras throughout the State of Florida. 

Unfortunately, these cameras do not record traffic.  If you have been in a car accident, these cameras will be unable to help you to identify a hit and run driver or a drunk driver.  However, there may have been witnesses to the accident who recorded the accident on their phone.  We can help you to try to obtain video footage from your accident. 

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