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Parkland is a city in Northern Broward County with a population of approximately 40,000. Although crime rates are low in Parkland, its residents are not immune to car accidents and the resulting injuries to passengers and drivers.  If you or someone you love are the victims of a car accident in Parkland, you need to know that you have legal options.

Financial compensation cannot make up for the trauma caused by a severe car accident. However, recovering expenses can provide support to victims and enable them to focus on their physical and mental recovery without worrying about bills.  

Why hire Bottari & Doyle Attorneys at Law? 

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Our law firm offers: 

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Contact our car accident lawyers at 561-588-2781 for a free consultation. We do not charge any fees if we do not recover money for you from the insurance company. 

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"Dan was fantastic. The process of auto accidents are never fun and are a hassle. Dan made the process easy and always communicated quickly when I would call or text. He was thorough, to the point and worked hard to get a settlement for me. Thanks again!" - Nadia F. 
"Dan Bottari is a very knowledgeable attorney who knows what he's doing. Him and his staff are very professional. He got me a huge settlement and therefore I highly recommend him." - Danny P. 

We have over 45 Five-Star Reviews on Google!

Legal Consultation after a Car Accident

Despite being traumatic and tragic, car accidents occur quite frequently. Over 340,000 car accidents occurred in Florida in 2020 alone, according to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department. Over 3,000 people were killed in those accidents. The good news is that not all car accidents result in fatalities, but severe injuries can still disrupt your normal daily routine. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 212,535 injuries from car accidents in 2020.  

When you or a loved one suffer injury as a result of a car accident, you are not alone, and you deserve experienced and compassionate legal representation that can help you rebuild your life.

Will it take a long time to receive money from the insurance company? 

Although each case is different, most car accident cases take six months to settle with the insurance company. However, we have resolved cases in as little as 48 hours for clients, putting needed money in clients' pockets. Call our office at 561-588-2781 to receive more free advice on your case. The below graphic illustrates the car accident case process. 

jupiter accident attorney

What are the reasons for car accidents in Parkland?

Car accident and other automobile crashes can be the result of a combination of factors. However, in most scenarios, the at-fault driver will have been given a ticket by the police officer for careless driving, reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Careless Driving: Whether its due to a distraction by a cell phone or a mistake from failing to yield the right of way, careless driving is one of the most common reasons for car accidents. 

Reckless Driving: A driver goes beyond careless driving when he or she operates the vehicle in a manner that willfully disregards the safety of others.  An example of reckless driving would be racing on a highway, or traveling in and out of lanes at a high rate of speed.  Reckless driving is also a criminal violation punishable by up to 90 days in the county jail and an increase in insurance premiums. 

DUI: DUIs occur frequently in South Florida due to the night life and daily beach activity with an active bar scene. You may have been the victim of a drunk driving accident by someone leaving a restaurant in Boca Raton, or a nightclub in Fort Lauderdale.  

Have you been injured in a Parkland car accident? Call Us at 561-588-2781 For a Free Consultation. 

Expenses from Car Accidents

Making sure that you hold the driver accountable is important so that you are able to recoup expenses from your car accident. If you do not hold the driver responsible by making a claim against their insurance policy, then you would be the one to foot the bill.  It is unfair for you to pay for someone else's wrongdoing.  These car accident-related expenses are: 

  • Hospital Bills
  • Property Damage Bills
  • Costs for future medical care
  • Wage Loss
  • Costs for your pain and suffering

Our experienced car accident lawyers will fight for you against the insurance company by aggressively pursuing every dollar owed to you from the driver's insurance policy. Let us be your legal advocate.

Injured in a Parkland car accident? Call Us at 561-588-2781 For A Free Consultation.

What types of Parkland automobile accident cases do you handle? 

Automobile accidents can be from cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles or tractor-trailers. Our experienced and dedicated car accident attorneys at Bottari & Doyle Attorneys at Law will help you to pursue compensation in each of these cases. Our experienced car accident attorneys handle the following types of accidents and related injuries. 

  • Car accidents
  • Tractor-trailer and trucking accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Pedestrian injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycling accidents
  • Passenger injuries

Why do I need a lawyer for my case accident? 

You need a lawyer for your car accident, because the insurance company will likely offer you less money than you deserve for your accident.  Insurance companies make money by not spending money; they do not want to pay you.  That's where we come in, we know how to get insurance companies to pay you what you are legally entitled to receive. 

Why would an insurance company pay me money because I am injured? 

The insurance company has a legal obligation to protect their insured.  The insured pays money to the insurance company every month to prevent being sued.  The insurance company has to act in the best interests of their insured, which means paying out money to you when you are injured. 

What are the local hospitals or emergency care centers near Parkland? 

If you need to see a doctor immediately, Cleveland Clinic is located at 7857 North University Drive. Nearby West Boca Medical Center is located at 21644 State Road 7.  The first $10,000 of your hospital bills are paid by your own personal injury protection insurance coverage.  Ten thousand dollars is rarely enough to pay for your all of your bills.  We will find insurance coverage from the person who hit you to pay for the rest of your bills.  

How else can your law firm help me?  

We will take care of your car accident case so that you can focus on receiving the medical treatment that you need to heal from the accident.  Our law firm and staff will: 

  • Help you to get your car or truck fixed. 
  • Help you to get your medical bills paid. 
  • Help you to find insurance coverage. 
  • Help you to get money for missing work. 
  • Help you to get money from the insurance company. 

Call Us Today at 561-588-2781 for a free consultation.  We only get paid if we recover money for you. 


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