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Riviera Beach is a city in Palm Beach County. It is located north of West Palm Beach and south of Jupiter.  As of 2021, there are approximately 40,000 people who live in Riviera Beach. Riviera Beach residents experience car accidents on a daily basis by commuters who are travelling around town and who are going to work.  

Our car accident lawyers are experienced in handling cases involving car accident victims.  We begin by obtaining the police report and putting the at-fault insurance company on notice that we are representing you. 

We offer a free consultation and there are never any upfront fees paid by you to us.  We work on contingency.  This means we only get paid if we recover money for you. 

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Why hire Bottari & Doyle?

Our Google reviews speak for themselves. We have over 45 Five-Star Google Reviews. 

"I appreciate Dan Bottari and the team at Bottari & Doyle, P.A. They thoroughly managed my car accident case and provided me with updates when I called. They were able to settle and pay off my accident-related medical expenses. Everything was handled professionally and concluded positively. Thank you very much. I am grateful." - Sheree R. 
"Dan made sure to reach out to us to discuss our case very promptly.  It was thanksgiving day and he made sure to make time to talk with us and explain our options thoroughly.  He was the only person to respond back after sending out information to several other attorneys.  We will definitely use Dan and his firm for any future needs.  Thank you so much for your timely response and help." - Shane M.
Injured in a Riviera Beach auto accident? 561-588-2781 Free Consultation

Accidents in Riviera Beach

There are accidents in Riviera Beach on a daily basis.  Many times, accidents come out of nowhere and the person is blindsided due to not anticipating the accident. These are some of the major roads in Riviera Beach where accidents occur. 

  • Blue Heron Blvd.
  • MLK Jr. Blvd.
  • President Barack Obama Highway
  • Federal Highway

Causes of Riviera Beach Car Accidents

It is no secret that drivers in South Florida need lessons on how to properly drive.  Many people violate traffic laws on a daily basis. As a result, people are injured and have to find a way to pay for hospital and emergency room bills.  

  • Texting and Driving:  A distracted driver who is on their Iphone or Android cannot possibly pay attention to the road. The person is not paying attention to the road.  It is irresponsible and you should hold them accountable if a distracted driver crashed into you. 
  • Driving While Intoxicated:  Driving with a breath or blood alcohol level of .08 or more is illegal. A drunk driver who crashes into you can be forced to pay additional money to you. This is called punitive damages because the law wants to punish people for driving drunk. 

Why Do I Need an Auto Accident Lawyer? 

You should hire a car accident, because in most cases, the insurance company will lowball you. The insurance companies have no reason to pay you the money you deserve when they know you do not have a lawyer. You need an experienced attorney.  A car accident case can be complicated. We can help you with your case by performing the following: 

  1. Getting the car accident crash report.
  2. Calling the insurance company for the person who hit you.
  3. Finding insurance coverage.
  4. Getting you money for your accident.

INJURED IN A RIVIERA BEACH CAR ACCIDENT? - 561-588-2781 Free Consultation.

riviera beach auto accident lawyer


How long will my case take to settle? 

The length of your case will depend on several factors, including:

  • Were you hurt badly? A small insurance policy and a lot of medical bills will typically cause the insurance company to pay you within 24 to 48 hours from the accident.
  • Is the insurance company accepting responsibility for their driver?  A liability acceptance by the insurance carrier makes it easier to settle a case. Generally speaking, cases involving rear-end collisions in Riviera Beach cause the insurance company to automatically accept liability. An insurance adjuster who sees a citation given by a police officer to the other driver is a good sign. 
  • How much medical treatment have you had? You may be really hurt and need a lot of medical treatment, or you may have been lucky and you do not need a lot of medical treatment. We can tell you how quickly we think your case will resolve depending on what you need. 
  • Is the insurance company lowballing you?  Insurance companies operate by not paying the money that they should pay.  We force insurance carriers to pay what you deserve by filing a lawsuit if the money is not enough to compensate you for your injuries and pain and suffering. 

Injuries in a Car Accident

We hope that you weren't badly injured in your accident. Some people manage to come out unscathed, while others can end up in the hospital with thousands of dollars in medical bills. These are the common injuries that people experience due to a car accident.

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Head Pain and Headaches
  • Knee Pain and Knee Tear
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Brain Injuries
  • Hand Pain
  • Arm Pain
  • Herniated Discs
  • Bulging Discs
  • Inflammation

INJURED IN A RIVIERA BEACH CAR ACCIDENT? - 561-588-2781 Free Consultation.


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