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Tamarac is a city in Broward County, Florida. It is located south of Coral Springs and north of Sunrise.  To the east is the city of Fort Lauderdale. As of the most recent census, Tamarac has a population of approximately 80,000 people.  There are many car accidents in Tamarac, and if you have been injured in an accident. you need to know the options that are available to you under Florida law. 

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"Dan was fantastic. The process of auto accidents are never fun and are a hassle. Dan made the process easy and always communicated quickly when I would call or text. He was thorough, to the point and worked hard to get a settlement for me. Thanks again!" Nadia F. 

"My daughter and son were in a car accident. I contacted Dan Bottari who took care of everything. He helped us with the medical treatment, bills, and got us a great settlement." - Alejandra R. 

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Where do accidents occur in Tamarac? 

A car accident can anywhere and at any time; this is what makes car accidents so frightening. The unexpected nature of an accident is traumatic in and of itself.  Tamarac has many roads, and your accident may have occurred on one of the following: 

  • West Mcnab Road
  • Southgate Blvd. 
  • Pine Island Road
  • University Drive.
  • Sawgrass Expressway

Commercial Blvd. and 441, and University Blvd. near the hospital have some of the most dangerous intersections in Tamarac. 

What should I do after an auto accident? 

Step 1: Stay Safe

Most importantly, you must find a safe location as soon as possible and wait for the police. Pull over to the side of the road and remain in your vehicle if you are unable to get out of the car. 

Step 2: Call 911 And the Police

Calling the police is essential in a car accident case.  This is because you will want the police to investigate the accident. The police officer will issue the at-fault driver a citation.  The citation is important, because in the majority of car accident cases, the insurance company will determine liability based off of the citation.  You want the police officer to cite the driver so that the insurance company will accept liability for the accident. Don't be afraid to tell the police officer what happened in the accident.  Everything that you tell the officer can't be revealed in court. This is known as the accident-report privilege. 

Step 3: Obtain Legal Representation

A car accident lawyer is necessary to protect your rights and to advocate for you against big insurance companies such as Geico and State Farm.  Insurance companies DO NOT look out of your interests.  This includes your own insurance company. Insurance companies only CARE ABOUT THE INSURANCE COMPANY'S BOTTOM LINE. You need a car accident lawyer who will fight to get you every dollar. 

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Reasons For Accidents

Tamarac and the rest of the West Broward area is known for having drivers who fail to obey the law. Let us help you to hold them responsible for your injuries.  

  • Texting while Operating a Vehicle:  A distracted driver is someone who isn't paying attention to the road. This is an irresponsible act, because it puts others at risk. Driving while texting may as well be driving under the influence of alcohol, because the driver's ability to drive is severely impaired.
  • Drunk Driving:  Drunk driving causes thousands of car accidents and injuries to drivers and passengers every year. 
  • Improper lane change
  • Driving over the speed limit

How long will it take to receive money for an accident? 

This graphic summarizes the car accident claim process.  A settlement can occur within 24 hours depending on the facts of your case, such as if your medical bills already exceed the at-fault driver's insurance policy limits.  We can help you to get your money quickly. 

tamarac auto accident lawyer

Do I have to see a judge or go to court for my car accident case? 

Over ninety percent of car accident cases settle without the need to see a judge or a jury. There are hundreds of car accidents every day in the state of Florida.  The court system would come to a halt if every car accident case saw the inside of a courtroom.  The vast majority of car accident cases end in a settlement either before a lawsuit is filed or at some point after a car accident lawsuit is filed against the driver of the vehicle. 

Who pays my medical bills in a car accident? 

Florida is a no-fault state. This means that the first ten thousand dollars of your medical bills get paid by either:

  1.  Your own insurance company if you own a vehicle. 
  2.  A resident relative's insurance company if you do not own a vehicle.
  3.  The driver's insurance company if you were both passenger in a vehicle and if you do not own a vehicle. 

Ten thousand dollars of insurance is not enough to pay for most people's medical bills.  Hospital bills, emergency room bills, physical therapy visits and surgeon's bills can exceed $100,000.  This is why you need to hire a car accident lawyer to locate more insurance coverage for you to pay for your medical bills. 

Where can I find the at-fault driver's insurance company? 

The police officer who arrived at the scene of the accident should have given you a driver exchange form.  Typically, the at-fault driver is listed under Vehicle 1 with the corresponding insurance carrier. For example, Vehicle 1 may be insured through Geico Insurance, State Farm Insurance, Progressive insurance or any number of insurance carriers. There are many insurance companies who issue policies throughout Florida.  The important step is identifying the source of insurance.  We will help you by notifying their insurance company and finding all of the insurance coverage. 

How can a car accident lawyer help me? 

We will help you by doing the following for you, without the need for you to pay us any money up front; we only get paid if we recover money for you. 

  • We will help you to get your car fixed. 
  • We will find the insurance coverage from the other driver to pay for your medical bills and pain and suffering. 
  • We will refer you to medical doctors to treat your injuries. The medical doctors get paid from insurance. 
  • We will negotiate a settlement for you to get you money from the insurance company. 

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