whiplash injury car accident

How common are whiplash injuries in Florida?

In 2018, more than half a million car accidents in Florida involved drivers who reported whiplash-related symptoms. Soft tissue injuries are common after these types of crashes and can result from muscle strain or ligament damage to your spine's movement muscles.

How does whiplash occur? 

Nerve injury, muscle injury or a joint in your spine. It also could happen when you move from extension (i.e., bending) backwards and forwards quickly without protection; this is known as hyperextension which has led many people who experience it becoming paralyzed down their arm - even if they only moved 1 inch! The extreme cases happen with those whose head points far enough forward are flexed back so much that there's no way out left for blood to flow through--this causes brain damage due its proximity at spinal cord level where nerves lie tangled up together forming what we call "the nerve canal."

What are the symptoms of a whiplash injury from a car accident? 

Whiplash is a common injury that can happen in any type of car accident, but it's often harder to diagnose than other types. The symptoms are immediate and may include: neck pain; stiffness when you move your head around quickly (or slowly), loss or worsening with movement over time due an inability for range-of motion while experiencing headaches.

Do pre-existing conditions exacerbate whiplash or make it more likely to get whiplash? 

In some cases, pre-existing conditions can make you more susceptible to getting whiplash. For example:

If one suffers from back or neck pain and has had a previous injury that was similar in nature (high speed), they may be at greater risk for worse outcomes following any subsequent injuries related with this type of crash due to their already weakened state; older persons naturally suffer progressive weakening as we age making it harder recover fully after even minor incidents such give as an auto collision resulting not only physical discomfort but delayed onset muscle spasms leading into fairly substantial chronic health issues later down the road.

How much is my car accident or personal injury claim worth due to whiplash?

The value of a personal injury claim depends on the facts and circumstances. The knowledgeable attorneys at our firm can give you greater insight into your particular case, but there are some common factors that influence its worth:

How severe were injuries? How much did life or career become disrupted as result of them (and potentially also any publicity)? Is liability certain to be found without litigation being necessary-or is it possible another party will take responsibility instead?) Are costs involved in court proceedings reasonable given all other things considered?"

Why do insurance companies pay money to settle whiplash claims that are the fault of their insured?

Insurance companies don't want to be on the hook for financial liability, which is why they will offer higher settlements when it's clear your client can bear responsibility. They also make settlement offers if they know that their insured has strong legal representation and enough funds available from past awards or personal assets (e.g., savings accounts) in order honor any claims made under his/her policy by making appropriate payments into escrow until litigation ends with a favorable outcome for victims like yourself!

What kind of damages can I receive for my whiplash injury?

Economic damages are expenses incurred as a result of your whiplash injury or money lost because you have been injured; these can include medical costs, physical therapy fees and other related expenses. However there is also another type which does not involve any financial loss at all - this includes pain & suffering losses where victims need to prove their suffered through an awarded sum in order for them receive compensation from the court system.

Non-Economic Damages are intended to make up for intangible losses.

These damages include: Loss of enjoyment of life, Permanent disability or disfigurement and mental pain and suffering such as depression or the loss of the ability to enjoy life. 

How much does it cost for your law firm to represent me for my whiplash injury? 

We only get paid if we receive money for you from the insurance carrier. There are never any upfront fees or costs to you. We only get paid when you do. For more information on how we can represent you for your personal injury case, call us at 561-588-2781 for a free consultation.