5 Most Common Mistakes After a DUI

Posted by Daniel BottariApr 21, 20200 Comments

  1. Not Hiring an Experienced Delray Beach DUI Attorney. No person should ever represent themselves on a DUI case. There are many reasons why self-representation is a poor idea. Most importantly, a non-lawyer does not know DUI law. Experienced DUI lawyers know when the state's case against you is strong or weak. A DUI attorney will be able to give you his or her advice regarding the strength of the state's case. The attorney's advice will allow you to make the best possible decisions. I have seen many unrepresented defendants plead guilty to DUI at their first court date. This is a mistake that can be easily avoided.
  2. Giving Up: Many people assume incorrectly that DUIs cannot be won. DUIs can be won even with results showing high breath alcohol levels, or poor performance on field sobriety exercises. This is why it is important to consult with an experienced Palm Beach DUI attorney to analyze your case.
  3. Driving on a Suspended License/Arrested for new charges: After the DUI arrest, you are generally allowed to drive for ten days with no restrictions on your driving privileges. After ten days you cannot drive for any reason, unless you have obtained a temporary driving permit or a hardship license. It is a crime to drive while your driving privileges are suspended. Any arrest supported by probable cause gives the first appearance judge the authority to revoke your DUI bond. If a judge revokes the bond, then you will have to remain in jail until the DUI case is resolved. This is why it is imperative to avoid being arrested for any crime while out on bond
  4. Accepting the prosecutor's first offer: It is generally not a good idea to accept the first offer made by the prosecutor. Although you may be tempted to resolve your case as quickly as possible, DUI cases often require diligent investigation. Investigation reveals weaknesses in the state's case. Weaknesses in the state's case lead to better offers, not guilty verdicts and dismissals.
  5. Not taking the case seriously: DUIs are serious charges with serious consequences. A person convicted of DUI must at a minimum: be placed on probation, pay fines, lose driving privileges, complete Dui School, perform community service and have their vehicle immobilized for at least 10 days. The court cannot withhold adjudication for a DUI. This means that any plea to DUI will result in a conviction.

Your job and other important areas of your life can be seriously impacted if you get a DUI conviction on your record. Call the Delray Beach DUI & DWI attorneys at Bottari & Doyle today to start defending your case.