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Greenacres is a city in Palm Beach County, Florida. It is west of Palm Springs and north of Atlantis. The recent census lists the population to be approximately 40,000.  It is home to John I Leonard high school, the largest high school in Palm Beach County and Okeeheelee Park.  It is about a 15 minute drive to the beach and is located near Florida's Turnpike.  The city was founded by Lawrence Carter Swain as a "Good Place to Live" and was incorporated in 1926.

The major roads in Greenacres, Florida are: 

  • Lake Worth Road 
  • Jog Road
  • Military Trail 
  • I-95
  • Florida's Turnpike

As South Florida residents, our attorneys are familiar with these roads and have driven on the same roads as you when your accident happened. We understand how dangerous the drivers can be in your area. 

Medical Bills From a Greenacres Accident 

Even minor car accidents can cause you to incur medical bills, lost wages and the loss of your ability to enjoy your life.  Ca accident Medical bills can cost you thousands of dollars, especially if you went to the hospital or were transported by ambulance.  We can help you to get your medical bills paid.  Hospital bills from Wellington Regional Hospital and JFK Medical Center  can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  We will help you to hold the driver accountable who carelessly or recklessly crashed into your vehicle by making a claim against their insurance policy. Our goal is to obtain the most amount of money possible for you from their insurance company.  Major car accidents can result in serious injuries such as paralysis, broken bones, and serious soft tissue damage. Serious car accidents with substantial vehicle property damage will often require a person to have surgery or other invasive medical procedures to fix the injuries.  Our accident attorneys provide representation to Greenacres residents who have been seriously injured in an accident. 

How long does a Greenacres accident case take to settle? 

The time to settle an accident case varies and can be dependent on the extent of the medical treatment.  For example, a person who has a surgical procedure may take longer to settle than someone who only has chiropractic treatment. Generally, accident cases resolve within six months to one year from the date of the accident.  A case that cannot be settled will be litigated by our firm by filing a car accident lawsuit against the owner of the vehicle that hit you. 

What can a Greenacres Accident Attorney do for me and my case? 

Our number one goal is to get you every penny that you deserve for being injured in the accident.  Our team of lawyers will work tirelessly to obtain great results for you and your family.  Aside from obtaining compensation for you, we can refer you to the right medical doctors to treat your injuries. Many doctors do not handle personal injury cases. We can refer you to the right medical professionals. We will obtain your medical records, set up your insurance claim with the appropriate insurance carriers, identify all sources of insurance coverage, and assist you with obtaining a rental vehicle while your car is being fixed or declared a total loss.  During or at the conclusion of your medical treatment, we will submit a demand package to the insurance carrier and demand they pay you all that you are entitled to pursuant to the insurance policies. You need an attorney for a car accident if you were not at fault and if you have suffered injuries due to the accident, because you are entitled to compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages. 


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